Martes, Hulyo 26, 2011

Should I choose a Town Car or a Stretch Limo in Melbourne?

There are different types of limos in Melbourne. They come in different colors, styles, and models. When you’re planning for a special event or for a night out with friends, choosing the right kind of limo can get a little bit tricky. With all the options you have, what limousine is the perfect one? And if you decide to choose the limo you like, will it fit your budget?

To make the choice easier, let us divide the limousines into two groups- town cars and stretch limousines. Town cars or Luxury Sedans are exclusive vehicles that you can use either for quick transfers or even for special occasions. It can only carry up to four passengers and doesn’t include extraordinary features.  When considering the rate of a Sedan, it is less costly than a stretch limousine. It’s pretty much the basic limousine hire you can get. It is simple in function, but it is still a classy choice.

Stretch and super stretch limousines in Melbourne on the other hand, are grander, larger, and costlier. There are many models that can be considered as stretch limos. A stretch limo is technically an extended version of a large Sedan. The more popular super stretch limos are Hummer and Chrysler 300C. Two main factors that affect its price range is the number of passengers it can carry and the features included. Most super stretch limousines can carry 16-24 passengers. The hourly rate goes up according to the number of passengers it can accommodate.

So when deciding the right type of limousines melbourne you want, consider first whether you really need a stretch limo or a town car would suffice. If a town car may be too small for you, there are also SUV’s available. Of course, they are not as fancy as the stretch limo, but they can transport you from one place to another comfortably and safely.

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