Lunes, Mayo 23, 2011

What You’ll Find in Exotic Limos in Melbourne

You can’t help but be impressed with the different designs, styles, and features of the limousines available in Melbourne. Indeed, limos are the epitome of luxury travel. You can’t get the same experience that the limo provides with other modes of transportation. So what are these amenities and features that make limousines truly unique and interesting?

When we think of limousines, we often associate it with a bottle of champagne. It’s everyone’s dream to comfortably ride in the limo and holding a glass of champagne in your hand. Most stretch and super stretch limousines come with full bars, which may include champagne, wines, and other beverages.

The limousine in general is used for transportation, but it has also transcended as the best venue for parties. One of the popular features that a limo has is a disco floor adorned with disco lights, plus a stripper pole in the center. This kind of set up is truly convenient for that group of people whose lives involve partying, clubbing, and other night out activities.

Most limousines also come with different types of lights in its interior. Some have fiber optic lights and neon lights. Whether you need the limo for a party or for a concert, the showcase of lights can definitely add an energetic vibe. Some limo companies would even set up a lights show if you want one.

The grandest and most amazing feature in a limousine is of course, the swimming pool. It seems impossible to think that a vehicle can have a pool or even a small hot tub. There are only a few limousines that has a functioning hot tub or Jacuzzi, but who doesn’t want to ride one of these?

With all the designs and features that are continuously added every time, who knows what creative design would you find next? Whether you’re using a limo service from time to time or even if you haven’t ridden a limo yet, you will surely love all these extraordinary features.

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